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Here in Oregon, we have to get our cars clean-air certified every two years in order to renew the registration. My car's up for renewal this month. It's 10 years old, and when I had it in to the shop for new brakes last summer, I learned that one of the emissions-control parts needed replacing. So, early this month I got that part replaced, drove the car for a couple of weeks ("You'll have to put about 100 miles on the car before taking it to DEQ," says the guy at the shop, "in order to reset the part we just replaced." ), and took it in to the test site.

It failed. Because the new part wasn't ready.

Called the shop. They said. "Drive it more. Commute in it. "  In other words, waste gas and pollute in order to get the emissions-control part working so you can pass the clean air test. Heh.

I don't commute. I barely drive. But the Spouse commutes, so I give the car over for the rest of the week.

Went on line. Found a Technical Bulletin with a fix for Just This Problem.  Since the Spouse's commute isn't very far, we decide to run through the fix as best we can this morning. We don't have the little diagnostic readout machine that the shop would, but the test instructions are pretty detailed, so we go with the info we have.

Here is the test:
1. Have less than 1/2 tank of gas. Start the car cold, idle for 1.5 minutes or longer
2. Drive 3 minutes in 5th gear, air conditioner on, 1000-1400 RPM
3. Drive 1.5 minutes, 5th gear, air conditioner on, 50-65 MPH, 1800-2400 RPM
4. Let car idle 10 minutes. Turn off engine, wait 10 seconds, turn on engine, go immediately to step 5
5. Drive 3 minutes, 4th gear, 50-60 MPH, over 3000 RPM, do not decelerate. Had to do this in 3rd gear to keep the speed and RPMs correct.
6. Cruise steadily for 3 minutes at 55 MPH, 5th gear, 2100-2300 RPM, AC on, may use cruise control.
7. downshift to 4th, decelerate without braking for 5 seconds, idle for 1 minute
8. in 3rd gear, over 2 minutes, accelerate to 47 MPH, decelerate to 41 MPH, accelerate to 47 MPH. Don't release accelerator all the way. AC OFF!
9. Shift to 4th gear. Drive 31-44 MPH with foot as steady on gas as possible. AC off, cruise control off.
10. Put 4 gallons of gas in tank. Re-run steps 4-9.

If you mess up any of the steps, you have to do the complete step again.

Finding a road that would allow for all this idiocy was the first challenge. Then it had to have a gas station nearby. Also we were supposed to do this on as level a road as possible, but we pretty much ignored that instruction.

It took about 2 hours to run through all this. Then we got doughnuts and brought them home to the family.

I'll find out when I take it in to the clean air test site later this week whether this all worked or not.
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